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Horse Legs


These are the current horses of Sonny on the Rox.

From weanlings to seniors, we've got a wide variety of horses, both in size and personality. All of them providing endless opportunities for growth and advancement in your horse journey.

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1990 Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Zoey is the old lady on site with spunk. She is an amazing horse that we took in to let live out her days and get loved on.

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1998 Paint Mare

Ellie is an ex-high level reiner who stills enjoys applying her athleticism and fancy skills, which she teaches our more advanced students. She is a client favorite with her looks and sweet personality.

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Lets Go Mendy "Malibu"

2006 Palomino Quarter Horse Mare

Hailey got Malibu from a kill pen and taught her everything she knows. Malibu is the perfect balance of sweet and sassy, not afraid to challenge her riders in a safe way. She is a dream for teaching the kids how to ride the gates with her smooth movement. Her favorite thing is trail riding.



2013 Brown Thoroughbred Gelding

Jefe was originally sent to training with Hailey, due to trail riding issues. Hailey developed him far and she later went on to purchase him. He is now used in lessons and enjoys life on the lazy side. Every farm has that one horse that loves playing in water, and he is ours.

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2016 Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Truly is a horse Hailey got for free. With an unknown past, Hailey tread lightly working from the ground up.  With her short, tanky build and great mind, the current goals are to eventually make her into a barrel and breakaway horse.


BSF Bedahonor MyCash "Tito"

2019 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding

Tito is the one with the biggest personality on the ranch. Hailey is the only person to ever work with him and she has taught him a lot considering his young age. He's got a good start on barrels and poles, started roping, rides bareback and bridle less and is an exceptional trail horse.

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1993 Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding

Wyatt is the perfect horse for first timers. He doesn't do anything too crazy anymore, but he enjoys getting out and loved on by students.



2002 Leopard Appaloosa Mare

Maggie is one of those amazing been there, done that horses. She will adapt to her rider, making sure to take care of them. She's one of those horses that will go with the flow and take what ever you throw at her with ease.


Driften Cat Lena "Wicked"

2010 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare

Wicked is a cutter reject, who is now working on fine tuning her skills towards the barrel world. She came in as a problem horse and is slowly working past the challenges she has.



2016 Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Midori is talked about a lot on social media. She was a horse Hailey bought off of one picture for next to nothing. She has been a great challenge due to a rough past, but Hailey has always been able to see her potential. That potential is being worked towards, with hopes that she will be a barrel horse.

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2018 Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare

Skyy is a cute little mare that is in training to be a lesson horse. She is young, but she's got a very calm nature and is always quickly recognized to be a sweetheart by newcomers on the ranch.

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Power N Rox "Atlas"

2022 Cremello Quarter Horse Colt

For a long time, Hailey has dreamed of starting a breeding program. She decided there was no time like the present and found a colt that was everything she was looking for.

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