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These are the horses that made Sonny on the Rox what it is today. They have made a big impact and left a legacy that will never be forgotten.

(05/02/2006 – 12/26/2015)

Everyone has that once in a lifetime horse, Sonny was that horse for Hailey. He was a grade, halter bred quarter horse, born on the family farm. Halter horses are not commonly seen in the barrel racing world. He was the horse Hailey had and she had a desire to barrel race. They were both young, with no trainer, but their bond allowed them to develop into an amazing team. Even though they had no idea what they were doing, they became top competitors in barrels and poles. They had many amazing accomplishments in their short career together. He unexpectedly passed away due to colic at a young age, while still growing in his ability. He was the horse that sparked the passion for, and barrel racing goals Hailey has today.

Growing Up Together
MNHSRA State Finals
Unconditional Love
Egg & Spoon
Baby Sonny
Just Plain Cool
Get Low
Getting Ready to Go
The Best Boy
Barrel Horse
Princess Life

Miss Foxy Roxanne "Roxy" (06/19/1993 - 06/28/2022)

        Just like Sonny was Hailey’s once in a lifetime horse, Roxy was Hailey’s once in a lifetime pony, that was with Hailey since 2001, up until her passing in 2022. She is an Arabian pony mix and the first horse Hailey ever owned, the one that got Hailey hooked. Hailey and Roxy did many things you would not expect from a horse of her type. Hailey taught Roxy how to do nearly everything. Together, they competed in poles, running top pole times, goat tying, roping, jumping, dressage – they did it all. Her spunky personality challenged Hailey through the years, but she made Hailey the rider she is today.

Young Hailey & Roxy
Ms. Pretty
Tumble at MNHSRA State Finals
Ready to Go
Spunky Pt. 2
Poles is Her Favorite
Never Ending Fun
Spunky Pt. 1
Can Stop on a Dime
She's the Best

Lets Go Mendy “Malibu” (04/15/2006)

Malibu is a quarter horse mare that Hailey rescued from a kill pen in Minnesota for $800. When Hailey got her, she didn’t know anything. With many years of work and lots of spontaneity, Malibu can now do reining maneuvers, work the barrels, ride bridle less, jump and is a dream trail horse. She is speedy enough, where she is used by lesson students at Gymkhana’s and calm enough where she is used by students with special needs.

Ms. Nosy
Ms. Photogenic
Great with the Kiddos
Always Smiling

(04/03/2022 - 04/06/2022)

Julep was a surprise addition to the herd. She was a beautiful red dun, with the sweetest personality. She was rejected by her mom, which meant she needed to be raised as an orphan. She had a short life, as we found out a couple days later, that she was born with an infection in her intestines and there was nothing that could be done. Although only with us for a couple days, Julep made a big impact.

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