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Its More Than Just Horses

We are a kingdom business, using the gifts the good Lord gave us.

Located in Queen Creek, Arizona, Sonny on the Rox is a family-owned ranch. We may focus on horses, but we also aim to make our clients feel a part of the family. Bringing people together: developing friendships, a team, a community.

Horse Rider


Helping Horses Find Their Purpose & People Their Passion

Our mission at Sonny on the Rox is twofold. First, we focus on horses, mainly those with a rough background, helping them find the path and focus that would be best for them. Secondly, we find joy in sharing just how amazing these creatures are. Our inviting ranch is exactly what you and your family need to fall in love with these gentle giants. To learn more, visit the contact page and reach out to us.



Built on a Legacy

Sonny on the Rox was started by a girl whose passion for horses was sparked by a once in a lifetime horse and pony. Together, the three of them learned everything they knew, forging an unconditional love along the way. The journey involved many hurdles and victories: it taught responsibility, wisdom, patience and grit. Over many years, it has established the foundation for what we aim to share with you.

A female hand stroking a brown horse head - Close up portrait of a horse - Eyes shut - Ten


More Than a Name

  1. Sonny was Hailey's once in a lifetime horse, so no better way to honor him than in the name of the horse business.

2. Rox, is for little, Miss Foxy Roxanne aka Roxy, Hailey's once in a lifetime pony.

3. Hailey enjoys naming her animals after themes and she decided to name her horses after alcohol, due to the vast array of name options. Rox also fits the theme for ice cubes aka "rocks" which is incorporated into the logo.

4. Hailey was born and raised in ice cold Minnesota before moving to sunny Arizona.

The legs of a sorrel horse, which steps with its hooves on the sand in the arena, illumina
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