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Fortified Equine Feeds

ADM feed focuses on their "Forage First" philosophy

Forages are the basis for a healthy gut! Inadequate forage intake increases the risk of gastric ulcers, colic, dysbiosis (impaired gut microflora), and/or behavioral changes. Forages should be the foundation of a horse’s diet and adequate intake is critical to his or her health and wellbeing. However, we also recognize that a forage-only diet will create nutrient deficiencies.

At ADM Animal Nutrition™ they believe horses should be fed the way nature intended, with large amounts of forage making up a majority of the diet. That is why we always put Forage First®. We also understand that today’s equines require more than forage can provide (no matter how good). That is where the ADM Forage First® products come in. Designed to provide the essential nutrients that are lacking in forage, ADM products can meet the needs of your equine partner without loading them up on the unnecessary things their bodies can’t use.

The ADM Forage First® philosophy, is supported by over 100 years of feed manufacturing excellence. 



An ultra-premium, concentrated feed for foals, growing horses, and broodmares



An ultra-premium, concentrated feed for mature horses.



An ultra-premium, concentrated feed for the mature elite performance horse.



A Premium Hi-Fat, limited starch supplement



An ultra-premium, concentrated feed for senior horses, broodmares, and adult horses.

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